We are so grateful for all the interest that has come to our new site. All of this is rather new to us, and we have had several people ask about our background and requested more information. So, here is a little wit + aroma Q/A based on your questions.

Wit+Aroma Zucchini Goat Cheese Pizza

Where are you from?
We both reside in Tennessee. We are not native Tennesseans, but Northern transplants. The South has been good to us but the food was a little lackluster; thus the love for cooking developed. 

Tell us a little bit about each of you.
Aroma: Graphic designer, new mom, tennis player.
Wit: Artist, collector of antiques, dreams of a car-less and quiet life. 

Why the anonymity? 
We prefer not to have our blog be our identity, or for it to take over our lives as it could, if we insert our personal identity to it. Plus, we both have families, and sharing too much of ourselves might make them feel like they are on display as well.

How do you know each other?
We work together and became friends. 

How did wit + aroma come about?
Our birthdays are in the same month so we exchanged cookie recipes as gifts. We then began experimenting with the flavor profile for the said cookie recipes. We thought it would be a fun project to document our experiments on a blog.